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It’s a new beginning.  And with that new beginning, it’s time for a change of address.  We’ve now moved to

This site has been solely focused around the topic of Christian marriage, but it’s time to expand to other areas of life as well…family, kids, work, business, money, health, and, of course, marriage.

God wants to get involved in every area of our lives.  He wants us to be successful, so His goodness can shine through to others. At we’ll learn what God says in His Word about these areas of our lives.

Our goal will be to encourage you, to let you know that God is good, and that He has great things in store for your life…if you let Him.

So head on over to to find out more about how to achieve the lifetime success and victory that God has planned for your life! And while you’re there, subscribe via RSS or email to the free MyLifeVictory News Update.

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